Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Your Kid's Halloween Costume is Putting Them in Grave Danger

I love Halloween, you guys. Maybe it's the excuse to wear fishnets with minimal judgment. Perhaps it's the offering of free candy from strangers. Either way, Halloween just speaks to my inner bad girl.

Instead of sharing offensive costumes or asking you about your favorite scary movies, I'm going to do something much more important. I'm going to save your sweet, little cherub from being drop kicked on October 31st.

That's right...I'm saving lives.

Halloween safety checklist:

  • Form a buddy system. Hold hands, tether to one another, or strap them into one of those kiddie leashes. It's one of the few times no one will judge you for walking your kid like he's a Boston Terrier.
  • Make sure your child's costume, shoes, and/ or treat bag have reflective stickers on them. Bring a flashlight so you can spotlight them like deer.
  • Walk safely on sidewalks and not in the road. My grandpa is 96 and still driving. Any questions?
  • Trick or Treat in safe and familiar areas. Unless it's a rich neighborhood. They give full sized candy bars.
  • Check every piece of candy before letting your child eat it. Keep all the Reese's Cups for yourself. It's called quality control, not theft.
  • DO NO, I repeat, DO NOT dress your kid in any of the costumes below.

Here are 6 kids nobody wants to bump into on Halloween. Or ever.

Forget about killer clowns or your mother in law. They've got nothing on these miniature monsters.Tell me I'm wrong. I'll wait.

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  1. Those are not cool. Thankfully, my kiddos are adults.

  2. Those kids are looking so scary. Thank God its over. We are now celebrating Christmas.

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