Saturday, November 12, 2016

Web Roundup - Canada Doesn't Want You, Dream Kardashian, Boobs, And Some Grave Diggers

I'm back with my Web Roundup. Who's excited? 

With so much vom being spewed about politics, I swear I'm not going to go there. But it's my job to keep you informed. So let's do this.

Snoop, Miley, Robert DeNiro, and Rosie O. are all moving to Canada. They're on the short list apparently. With everyone denouncing their citizenship and fleeing to Canada, I'm hoping this movement takes a few extra people with them. (My neighbors, the lady I refer to as Leatherface, and whoever is responsible for pulling the plug on my beloved Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake Klondike Bars.) It's also harder to become a Candadian resident, than a U.S. resident. Imagine that. I'm just saying. 

Girl, bye. More for the rest of us.

Speaking of Kardashian's....Rob & Chyna welcomed their baby girl, Dream Renee Kardashian into the world November 10th. It is rumored that family members wanted Rob & Blac to name the baby girl after Rob's father, Robert George Kardashian. I say they already did. Dream-The Dream Team? No one else catch that but me? Either way, she's super cute. 

Let's talk boobs.

December's issue of UK Vogue says cleavage is over. Like put your tits up, it's not a thing anymore over. They're saying this "fashion trend" is on the outs. I say, when were big boobs ever a fashion trend? Some of us can't help it, you know? I'm rebelling against this. Cleavage is bae and Twitter agrees. 

Here are perfect examples of why I'm never saying no to cleavage. 

From boobs to brothers. A pair of Slovakian brothers won a grave digging contest. In just fifty-four minutes, the brothers dug a five-foot grave. The five judges noted the brother's grave was also the neatest. Speed, accuracy, and aesthetics were all taken into consideration when naming a winner. These sound like good friends to have. Penpal potential. 

That's what's on tap for today. Thoughts? Suggestions? Cleavage pics?


  1. I really needed something to make me laugh today :) Thanks for this!

  2. My work here is done! :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful week, gorgeous!

  3. Guess I am going to have to be off trend, as I generally have no choice with the size of my breasts and they tend to show cleavage on a regular basis, whether I want them to or not. Turtlenecks are not an option,as Stacy and Clinton say they are doing my well endowed chest no favors.

    1. #BigBoobProblems what can we do, right? Stacy and Clinton are so hilarious!

  4. I like to keep it under wraps as much as possible! And if everybody who said they'd move to Canada actually tried to, Canada would probably build a wall, right?!

    1. LOL So very true and we couldn't blame them for doing so!