Thursday, November 10, 2016

PT-No Way

So I was browsing Google images earlier for a post I'm working on and I came across something that made me lol. According to BuzzFeed, a Tumblr user posted the following asking their followers to tag themselves and share on social media. The post went viral, was deleted, and is back up again. If you follow me on Tumblr, you may have witnessed the famous six mom line up in your feed. If you don't follow me, I'll be waiting for you. :)

 (If you Google "Six Suburban White Mom Stereotypes" you'll find information regarding how the original meme used real women's photos and they had no idea. Hence why the original post was deleted.)

If someone put a gun to my head, I guess I'd be more of a Helen. But none of these cover me. So I decided to add my own.

 - Most hated by the P.T.A.
 - Will trip a kid for mean muggin'
 - Bakes the special kind of brownies

In other news, which you may already know since it's from 2015 but I'm always fashionably late, deal with it. I read about a Texas mom who shared a letter that came home with her daughter on her second day of school. I don't know who's running this PTA, but I might be in love with her. 

Maybe I'll anonymously send this to my kid's school? A stroke of genius, I say.

What PTA Mom are you most like? Better yet, leave me your own personal stereotype in the comments. (I read them all!) 

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