Saturday, October 29, 2016

Web Roundup: T.Swift x Drake, Shiny Legs, & The Family That Slayed Halloween This Year.

Back for another installment of Web Roundup. You know how this goes. I round up some interesting, funny, & even downright bizarre stories from all around the world wide web. If you're new to my blog, check out previous installments of my Web Roundup here, herehere, & here.

Getting down to business!

The entire internet is in a tizzy because the rumor mill says my favorite 6 God, Drake, is dating Taylor Swift.

I'll give you a moment to pick your jaws up off the floor. Swifty attended Drizzy's birthday party recently, so I'm assuming this is what started all the speculation. I personally don't believe they're a thing. But I would LOVE for them to date hard, break up quickly, and put out the two best breakup albums ever. Fingers crossed!

These shiny legs have been popping up in newsfeeds everywhere. Then someone had to go ruin it for me and point out these aren't oiled stems at all. Just white paint giving the illusion (especially in small newsfeed pictures) that these legs are insanely oiled.

Mind blown.

Since Monday is Halloween it only felt appropriate to find something fitting the theme. This family just won Halloween with their trophy inspired costumes.

{Source Twitter}

Halloween goals, amirite?

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Do you have plans for Halloween? 


  1. Drake better wise up, SMH.

  2. Don't be defensive, you know he's going to wife you sooner or later.