Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween, My Witches!

Happy Halloween, pumpkins! Today's post is all about Halloween, of course. 

I've managed to bribe my miniature into not trick-or-treating. (Gasp, the horror.) It only cost me a bag of candy and an X-Box game. So I think we all know who the real winner here is. It's just a scary time, y'all. Crazed clowns, heroin needles littering the streets, & a pedophile's favorite holiday, I assume. Call me cynical, I don't mind. I've been called worse. 

Scary movie alert: If you're looking for a great flick to watch tonight in the dark, I got your back! I watched this last night and I have to admit, I was a little sketched out afterward. I may or may not have held my pee until I woke up this morning. I wasn't about to venture out of bed in the dark after watching this.

We'll be making these adorable treats, later this evening.  Except I'm using store bought cookies because I can. Plus we all know how my Pinterest projects tend to turn out. I'll keep you guys posted. 

Keeping it morbid, because it's October 31st, I took a fun quiz to see how I died in a past life. In the snap of a 13 question "test", it was determined I died in a fight. Sounds about right to me and if Zimbio says, it must be true. You can take the test right HERE & find out how you checked out of your last life.I hope someone had the wherewithal to get me a gold casket. (Maybe even a handful of diamonds, just for good measure.)

Hilary Duff got grilled by social media for dressing as a pilgrim. You know, because she isn't one and how dare she dress up as one on the day you're supposed to dress up as anyone but yourself.

I wonder if her boyfriend knows he's not really an Indian? I swear people are way too uptight. If I were dressing up, I'd just dress up as a bitch. Because no one can say I'm not one. Flips hair.

Pumpkin Spice Girl

Pumpkin Spice Girl by webmdiva featuring a blue jean jacket

Pumpkin Spice Girl look via Polyvore. 

Do you guys have plans for tonight? Are you dressing up? Are you excited to steal your kid's candy? Do tell. 

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  1. Happy Halloween!! You've got to watch Jimmy Kimmel when he has the parents trick their kids an tell them they ate all their Halloween candy. It is too funny!! I had a close call this year, my youngest son is 15, and I think he's finally over trick-or-treating!!