Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Funday

On Sundays I try not to be a complete über-bitch. I've recently (today) adopted the Sunday Funday mantra.

Instead of spending the day whining about the weekend being over, scrubbing toilets, catching up on laundry, or making lunches for tomorrow, I:

Wore sultry red lipstick. 
Stopped by Rue21, just because. 
Had my bedtime Xanax after lunch. 
Painted my nails. 
Binge watched the first half of Season 2 of OITNB. 

I'm not sure what anyone is eating or wearing tomorrow, so we'll just wing it...Because Sunday Funday. 

What did you do today?

Cute Rue pick ups-a big mug that will help me swallow tomorrow morning & a makeup bag that says it all. 

Merchandise total: $2.45.
RX: $3.00
Netflix: $9.99
My Zen level: PRICELESS

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